Bid Support Services

Bid Support for MoD Primes

We can provide your organisation with a number of the vital activities necessary to produce a winning bid:

Illustrations and graphics – Our Technical Illustrators are expert at producing supporting graphics that enhance bids and tenders, supplied in a file format suitable for your submission. Concepts and arguments are brought to life with graphical representations, presenting a more compelling and coherent bid and/or tender.

Formatting and version control – Anyone who has worked on a bid knows how challenging it can be to work with documentation submitted in various formats and from numerous sources.  Our Authors bring the discipline required to “housekeep” disparate documentation. Strict version control and rigid adherence to templates ensure that the bid will live up to expectations when the “Print” button is pressed.

Our Technical authors and illustrators can be embedded in your team at your bid location or work remotely and take direction from the Bid Team via email, Skype, Telecom or Webcast. 

Requirement decomposition – With over 20 years of MoD Procurement experience, the CDS Team can help you  draw the implicit from the explicit and boost your compliance levels.

Using the right language – Higher confidence levels in scoring matrices come from answering the questions in a specific way and using the words the markers expect to see. Our Bid Team have the experience to help you say the right thing when it counts.

Annexes and supporting documentation – CDS has a number of high compliance plans for many of the frequently requested documents such as configuration management, risk and opportunity, Quality Assurance etc that can be tailored to support your submission and let you concentrate on the sections of your bid that are your core business.

Red Team Review – Our Bid Team has led MoD procurement competitions and can pre-mark your tender and give you advice on how to improve your chances of securing the work.