BAE Hagglunds Case Study

BAE Hagglunds tasked CDS Defence Support to under take the Viking BVS10 IETP to AESP conversion.

The challenge:
BAE Systems Hägglunds (BAES) contracted CDS Defence Support to convert the Viking Vehicle Technical Documentation set from an in-house LOTS DTD Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) format into Army Equipment Support Publication (AESP) hard copy format, suitable for upload onto the MoD’s Tech Docs On Line (TDOL) system.

CDS took source material from BAES in Data Module (DM) format and brought the information, complete with illustrations (contained within the DMs), together and created an accurate and coherent multi-variant AESP suite.
BAES had invited several potential suppliers to compete for this work. After a rigorous competition CDS were awarded the work.  This successful was achieved by CDS clearly demonstrating its ability to deliver a project of this scale to other major primes. This was underlined by a keen focus on the Project management elements of the requirement keen attention to detail. 
The solution:
CDS delivered the whole requirement by using its established, qualified and experienced Technical Documentation Team. This multi-disciplinary team, led by a highly-experienced Management team who worked tirelessly to exceed BAES’ expectations.

CDS used an innovative “blended” approach to the DM conversion, utilising both a bespoke in-house software solution and individual experiences and expertise within its Tech Docs team. This approach ensured that any errors inherent with a strictly software based solution were avoided due to the physical oversight of the relevant Technical Author. CDS was able to draw on staff with relevant engineering backgrounds with a pragmatic and context based approach. 

At the outset CDS implemented a communications plan. Key stakeholders were identified in order that all parties involved had access to comprehensive contact details. CDS recorded and controlled all passages of information between main stakeholders and created and disseminated official reports on a monthly basis. CDS’ well proven project management systems ensured the successful delivery of all aspects of this project. 
The Benefits:
This approach produced tangible benefits in that CDS delivered the first draft of the requirement, which included over 4000 data modules and over 200 illustration files without any omissions. CDS was proud to receive only one comment from the Authority on this original draft underlining the value of its blended approach.

Leaning on its highly-experienced team CDS was able to manage by exception, keeping meeting times down, saving time and money for all stakeholders 

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