Support Vehicle Technical Documentation Redrafting

CDS Defence Support was tasked with redrafting the SV Technical Documentation Set for MAN Truck & Bus and did so ahead of schedule and on budget.


The Challenge

The DE&S Operational Support Vehicles Programme Project Team (OSVP PT) tasked MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd to provide a future ILS strategy for their in-service Support Vehicle (SV) fleet.

The requirement involved the redrafting of the SV Technical Documentation Set, in accordance with Def Stan 00-600, JSP 886 and JSP (D) 543. This task took disparate source material, from various sources and brought it all together into a coherent suite of Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs).

The three main sources of information were:

- Existing Trilogi-based Data Modules
- MAN internal MCOTS manuals
- Existing MOD AESP suite

MAN invited six companies to compete for this work. Following a rigorous competition, CDS were awarded the contract having demonstrated outstanding technical capability, meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the requirement.

The Solution

CDS developed scripts to convert the S1000D XML-based Data Modules into the new draft AESP format, instead of manually copying the information into the new template. There were over 1800 Data Modules to be converted and this method ensured accuracy and consistency, whilst also enabling them to be processed more quickly and efficiently.

These converted Data Modules, MAN’s Commercial Off The Shelf (MCOTS) manuals and the Project Team’s AESP suite were interrogated for accuracy and applicability. This was achieved by visiting MAN and MOD sites and cross-referencing the existing information with the actual equipment.

Approximately 40,000 pages were amended, verified and reformatted into the new AESPs. CDS created the full suite of AESPs for all variants within the Support Vehicle Programme ahead of time and within budget. These were accepted by the Project Team and are now used to operate, maintain and support the SV fleet. CDS continue to provide ongoing support under Post Design Services (PDS) management activities.


CDS’ comprehensive experience and skill sets provided a number of benefits:

- The innovative development of the scripts enabled the Data Module conversions to be performed in a more accurate and consistent manner, whilst also providing substantial time and cost savings.
- The significant amount of verification and validation conducted throughout the process ensured the supplied suite of AESPs to the Project Team were safe and accurate for use by the operators and maintainers of the vehicles.
- CDS’ extensive experience of producing military land systems documentation and a team comprising a number of ex REME Vehicle Artificers ensured there was a high level of technical understanding of the subject. Therefore, further time and cost savings were able to be made and passed on to the customer.
- A Request for Change (RFC) procedure was developed and a Configuration Control Plan and Master Document Repository set up containing methodology for change management, ensuring that all changes and amendments to the documentation suite are now agreed, recorded and actioned.

CDS services used in delivering this solution

- Project Management
- Information Management and Configuration Control
- Technical Authoring
- Technical Illustration
- Software Development.

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CDS Defence Support went above and beyond what was required and their meticulous attention to detail gave us great assurance that they would meet all requirements that were asked of them, including mitigation of risk within the project

Keith Major

Former Commercial Manager, Land Systems Prime Contractor.