CDS Defence Support Gives Talk at the University of St Andrews

Last week our Head of Training Portfolio, Phaedra Gibson and our Principal Psychologist, Dr Leanne K Simpson presented at the Visualising War in Different Disciplines colloquium at the University of St Andrews.

Their talk entitled ‘The impact of war on service personnel: The future of military training’ was well received and discussed recent academic military research within the field and how the findings can be applied by military organisations. 

The event allowed us to exchange knowledge and ideas for future collaborative research opportunities between CDS Defence Support and the University of St Andrews. Our conversations throughout the day underlined not only how possible but how important it is to increase the frequency, level and impact of knowledge exchange between academics, the general public and industry.

Alice König, a Senior Lecturer at the University of St Andrews stated, “The presentations were all extremely stimulating and the conversations that followed them equally so; I am not exaggerating when I say that this colloquium has been one of the most exciting research experiences I have had”.

CDS Defence Support look forward to working closely with the University of St Andrews in the future.  


Above, from left to right. Dr Leanne K Simpson, Phaedra Gibson, Dr Alice König, Tommaso Spinelli and Alberto Micheletti. 


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