A New Home for the Ferret Armoured Vehicle

This week, CDS Defence Support welcomed its newest addition to the offices in Cheltenham, a Ferret wheeled armoured fighting vehicle. 

Since May, when the Ferret was purchased, it has been undergoing a transformation and has been lovingly restored by a local military vehicle restoration specialist.

The CDS Defence Support offices are currently undergoing a major refurbishment and the installation of the Ferret marks an important milestone along the journey before the formal reopening ceremony in September of this year.

The Ferret Armoured Car was manufactured between 1952 and 1971 by Daimier in Leeds and is still operational today in parts of Africa and Asia. The Rolls-Royce B60 engine enables the Ferret to climb 46% gradients in rough terrain. The main body is constructed with 6 – 16mm steel plate to protect the crew from small arms fire and shell splinters. The Ferret also has periscope hatches, smoke grenade dischargers and was usually equipped with a .30 M1919 Browning Machine Gun.

CDS Defence Support also plans to use the Ferret to showcase the capabilities of the virtual reality software that the company is developing – watch this space! 


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