CDS Defence Support Achieve Zero to Landfill status

Today, CDS Defence Support was presented with a certificate by Printwaste to celebrate its achievement of sending zero waste to landfill.

This achievement is in line with CDS Defence Support’s pledge to protect the environment and represents the organisations commitment to reducing the amount of CDS DS’ waste that makes it to landfill.

Eve Grisenthwaite, CDS Defence Support’s Compliance Manager stated “At CDS Defence Support we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, continually seeking to adopt new methods to minimise the impact of our operations. We are pleased to be working alongside our local partner, Printwaste, to ensure all our waste is channelled into energy production rather than sent to landfill.”

The waste-to-energy process transforms general waste into a renewable energy source through combustion. Incinerators use a sophisticated air-pollution control system to neutralise waste gasses, ensuring no carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere.

CDS DS is exceptionally proud of this achievement and will continue to work with Printwaste going forward to ensure that its zero to landfill status is maintained for years to come.

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