CEO Visits Houses of Parliament

This week CDS Defence Support's Chief Executive, Fergus Bailie, accompanied Imogen Napper, a CDS DS employee and Royal Naval Reservist to a reception in the Houses of Parliament to celebrate the UK's Reserve Forces' contribution to our nation.

Despite the heat wave last week, there was a large presence of uniformed personnel at a celebratory event at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday which brought together Reservist members from across the UK.

CDS Defence Support were proud to be able to celebrate at this event with Imogen Napper, a member of the CDS DS Training Team and also a serving Sub Lt in the Royal Naval Reserves.
During her time at CDS DS Imogen has conducted research for WPS 86E, a study into doctoral pathways and their suitability for use in the Army.  This included an extensive literature review of how doctorates (PhD) are being used to aid work-place learning in other sectors. Imogen also carried out all the statistical analysis of 200 data-sets in support of WPS 86A, the longitudinal study into the value of higher education in the Army and the extent to which skills gained from higher education are valued by individuals, colleagues, and the First Reporting Officers (1ROs).

Imogen has supported other areas of work requiring analytical research techniques in order to give them academic credibility.  Her work has been critical to many CDS DS projects and has been briefed at 1* and 2* (Director Personnel) level in the Army in support of CGS’s “brains based approach”. Imogen’s PhD work as a research student at Plymouth University is well known, researching the effect of plastic beads (and other non-biodegradable waste from toiletry products) on marine-life and on the food chain. 

Imogen has achieved all of this alongside developing her RNR career and so the event at the Houses of Parliament was a proud moment for Fergus Bailie, CDS’ Chief Executive Officer, who also attended the event and said “The Armed Forces are a key reason why we in the UK enjoy the freedoms we do.  Reservists and full time military personnel make huge sacrifices in order to protect citizens in the UK and across the world.  I am extremely proud that we can help this effort by supporting our reservists in their dual roles and I look forward to many more years as a key partner in the Whole Force Approach.”

CDS Defence Support has a large Reservist presence, currently over 10% of its work-force and, having signed the Armed Forces Covenant, is keen to help with the development, training and support of the serving Reservists who are an integral part of the company. 

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