Safety Management

We simply could not have attempted what we did without CDS. Their consummate knowledge of the UK MoD ILS, Safety and Training requirements was second to none.

Arnaud de Pechy


Functional and Systems Safety Management

A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever – for families, friends and for communities.
And for those that manage people, the responsibility for ensuring safety is clear, particularly for the Defence industry.
CDS offers comprehensive support services in the field of functional and systems safety management. Many of our Safety Engineers are ex-military personnel with significant experience in the delivery of safety and risk management advice.
We provide clients with clear, comprehensive, compelling and auditable arguments that their chosen systems and equipment are safe for use. All our activities are conducted in accordance with industry best practice and prevailing military and commercial standards including: DEF-STAN 00-56, DSA 01, JSP 454, 520, 430 and guidance given in the MoD’s Project Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS).

What will Brexit mean for the UK Armed Forces?

Back in October 2018, when we designed this calendar, we imagined that by this date, March 1st 2019, we'd be well on our way to a peaceful and harmonious exit from the European Union. 

However, quite the opposite has happened and as such, we feel it best to wait a few weeks before we wade into the current Brexit quagmire. 

If MPs reject Theresa May's deal a second time by March 12, they will get to vote first on whether to go for no deal on March 13 and, if not, on delaying Brexit on March 14.

With this in mind, we will return mid March!