Technical Documentation Services

CDS Defence Support’s Publications Team works every day to deliver accurate, concise and compliant documents to clients across this specialist market.  Drawing on over 50 years’ experience in the field of technical documentation, the company delivers major projects to clients right across Defence.  With a particular specialism in Land Systems, CDS is the natural choice for your project.  

CDS offer the following Technical Documentation services:

Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs), Air Publications (AP) and Book of References (BR)
AESP, AP and BR amendments
AESP, AP and BR management through life
Data module to AESP conversion 
Tech Docs On-Line (TDOL) upload and management
Interactive Electronic Technical Publications / Manuals (IETPs / IETMs) 
Data module creation 
Illustrated Parts Catalogues and Lists (IPCs / IPLs)
Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)
Operator and Maintenance manuals 
Final Assembly and Delivery Instructions (FA&D) 
Document reformatting services 
Commercial Technical Documentation


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Technical Authoring

CDS' Technical Authors are equipped to deal with our client’s most demanding requirements through a combination of training, experience and technical expertise.  Employing authors from predominately military and engineering backgrounds as well as authors with multiple skill sets affords CDS great flexibility in meeting client needs by tasking the correct individual to undertake any project.


CDS can offer both on-site support at customer’s premises, utilising authors with illustrating capabilities so that they are completely self-sufficient, or off-site documentation solutions utilising Government Approved Secure Premises in Cheltenham.


This combined with a reputation that supports a customer focused approach on all projects, irrespective of size, provides assurance that any author assigned to your project will fully understand the requirement and take a proactive approach, engaging with key stakeholders along the way.


Technical Illustrating

Our dedicated technical illustrators are able to take information from a variety of sources including engineering notes, drawings and CAD data. Using a variety of import/export tools, our illustrators are well versed in extracting 3D modelling source data and presenting it in the required file format.


Tech Docs On-Line (TDOL)

Through its dedicated secure IT terminals, CDS is able to manage all your technical documentation requirements residing on the MoD’s TDOL system.


Technical Documentation Management and Distribution

CDS can provide a total documentation management service including: hosting source information, version control, updates, amendments and issue to users.

Working from our government-accredited secure premises, CDS can manage and distribute documentation at the highest level.


All our translators are native speakers, with the appropriate technical background to fully understand your product and accurately translate complex technical information.

Documentation Conversion

CDS’ scanning team converts legacy paper documentation to an easily searchable electronic format. Conversely, we specialise in the transformation of S1000D XML Data Modules to hard copy documents which comply with prevailing military standards.