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At CDS Defence Support, we believe that all training should engage the student, it should inspire them to learn more and, when students are in the military, it should keep them safe by helping them become better at their job.  That is why we do what we do.  

Our team is experienced and committed to make all training the very best it can be.  We are intensely curious about how we can maximise the technology that is available to us to get the maximum benefit for students and for the organisations for which they work.

Our experience is in 5 key areas shown in the pyramid below.  In whatever area we work, our aim is to add innovation and intellectual rigour. 


Our team has a wide range of knowledge about adult learning within the workplace. What keeps us current, is our desire to challenge orthodoxies and test hypotheses through workplace research.  We have carried out a number of research projects for our clients, including a longitudinal study into the value gained from post-graduate study in the British Army.  There were multiple strands to this project, including analysis of different pathways of doctoral study, reducing skill fade while maximising retention of knowledge, assigning value to accredited programmes and exploring how the future of education in the work place may change as the millennials start their working career.  The insight gained from this work helped us in our collaborative bid with Henley Business School to provide the Higher Education Pathway for the British Army.

Technology Enhanced Learning:  The growth in technology has opened up some amazing opportunities to enhance learning programmes.  Our team of online developers and education specialists design cutting edge products that support all aspects of learning.  From our awarding-winning support to UK troops in Sierra Leone fighting the Ebola outbreak to creating a bespoke data protection portfolio of products, we pride ourselves in taking technology enhanced learning to the next level.  We are conducting R&D with augmented reality to see where the next great education breakthrough is going  be.

Training Assurance and Audit:  We have the skills and experience to carry out all levels of training assurance and audit to give you the information you need to know that your workplace training is delivering what you need.  Where it is not, we will help you identify the priority areas of concern and advise how remedial action can be taken most efficiently and effectively.  For military clients, we conduct all assurance and audit activity in-line with current DSAT guidance and can advise and assist on Part 1 and 2 audit  as well as carry out Part 3 audit.

Instructor Support:  We have a long association with providing outstanding instructor support to defence. We hand pick our instructors and carry out the day to day management of them, allowing clients to focus on more important matters.

Analysis:  All great training starts with focused and accurate analysis.  Our training analysis is more than just complaint with DSAT guidelines, we pride ourselves in deciphering process jargon into bite-sized key deductions, making our Training Needs Analysis concise, valuable and highly usable. 

Recently delivered projects:
Multi-strand longitudinal research into measuring and maximising the value of higher education in the British Army
Portfolio of tools to improve Data Protection compliance 
Study into the Warrant Officers’ Academy
On-site support to Command Leadership and Management training in the British Army
On-site support to the British Army’s Warning Advice and Reporting Point
Online learning for maintainers of mine-clearing equipment
Online learning for Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR)
Online learning for clinicians in West Africa in their fight against the Ebola crisis
Development of a sniper training app
Development of a mortar training app