Support Information Services

Support Information Services

The information used to support military equipment is not effective unless it can be easily understood by the user. As the equipment used by the Armed Forces become more complex, its paramount that the supporting information allows its safe and continued use.

CDS DS have a wealth of experience in creating the following to support the use of military equipment:

  • Technical Documentation
  • S100D and S200M
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Smart publications
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Immersive Technology
From operation and maintenance of complex equipment, to the latest cyber and Augmented Reality training, our Support Information Services ensure system performance and successful deployment.


The future of Augmented Reality and Technical Publications

Augmented Reality allows operators  or technicians to visualise previously inaccessible components — such as real-time operations data or components hidden inside a product—providing a new level of understanding before maintenance or repair. This helps technicians avoid inaccurate part identification and ordering that leads to high part returns, handling costs and excess parts inventory.
Additionally, AR has proven to improve first-time fix rates, eliminating repeat visits and extensive downtime for equipment located in remote or difficult to access areas.