Our Training Consultants are experts in the Systems Approach to Training. Many also come from a military background which enables them to fully understand the unique and specific dynamics of the military population and how they are motivated.


DCSU case study

In 2018, CDS Defence & Security were awarded the contract to research, design and deliver Defence Cultural Advisors training for the tri-service Defence Cultural Specialist Unit (DCSU). 

The DCSU provide Regional Advisers and Human Terrain Analysts to support commanders with cultural advice in order to improve relationships and effectiveness between British Forces deployed overseas and the communities they encounter.  To ensure personnel undertake their roles effectively, they undergo training and education to hone the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude in seven key competency areas namely - Understanding Culture, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Political Organisation, Social Organisation, Economic Organisation, Physical Environment and Beliefs and Values.  Alongside these areas, CDS DS also deliver training around the skills required to be successful in a multi-cultural environment, such as building networks, interview skills, working with linguists and developing rapport.

Drawing on the knowledge of industry experts,
academics, and using examples from the Roman empire to modern day gang culture, CDS DS created a truly innovative, trainee centred course which significantly increases operational effectiveness.