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Training & Research

CDS DS design, create, validate, trial and deliver a broad scope of quality bespoke training packages and services for MoD Project Teams, Military Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers.

CDS DS are also proud to be a company that tackle the tough problems in the Defence market, using the skills of our in house Principal Psychologist as well as the vast experience of the full Training team we strive to be the "go-to" organisation for technical solutions that result in behavioural change.

CDS has created a ‘one-of-a-kind solution’ bridging the gap between the classroom and the firing range. The most exciting aspect is the realistic physics used to accurately calculate the bullet’s trajectory, making this stand out from any other training tool.

David Heeley


Integrated Logistics Support

No MoD equipment project can progress without there being a clear and rational Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) plan in place. CDS DS cover a wide range of ILS for Defence domains including Weapons, Land, Air, Ships, Submarine and Special Projects. CDS DS has supported its clients in analysing equipment and system designs using established ILS techniques as required in the Defence Logistics Framework (DLF).

Safety and Environmental Management

Are your systems are safe by design, safe for use and compliant with legislation?
CDS Defence Support has over 15 years’ experience in providing Safety and Environmental support to the Defence Industry, covering a wide range of defence domains including Weapons, Land, Air, Ships, Submarine and Special projects.

CDS Defence Support went above and beyond what was required and their meticulous attention to detail gave us great assurance that they would meet all requirements that were asked of them, including mitigation of risk within the project

Keith Major

Former Commercial Manager, Land Systems Prime Contractor.

Tech Illustration

Technical Documentation

CDS DS create easy to understand, accurate and clear technical documentation to industry standard specification and formats including: ASD S1000D and Defence Technical Documentation Guidance.

We offer the following services surrounding Technical Documentation:
Army Equipment Support Publications (AESPs), Air Publication (AP) and Book of Reference (BR) creation 
AESP, AP and BR amendments
AESP, AP and BR management through life
Data module to AESP conversion 
Tech Docs On-Line (TDOL) upload and management
Interactive Electronic Technical Publications / Manuals (IETPs / IETMs) 
Data module creation 
Illustrated Parts Catalogues and Lists (IPCs / IPLs)
Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)
Operator and Maintenance manuals 
Final Assembly and Delivery Instructions (FA&D) 
Document reformatting services 
Commercial Technical Documentation