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Operational Support

Seamless military integration. Bespoke operational solutions.

It is essential for many modern military capabilities to have the perfect blend of military, civil, reservist and industry personnel, to deliver the necessary effect when it matters most.

Over the past 21 years, we have successfully embedded ourselves within military operations across the world. We can provide the required expertise and consistency, proven to increase system performance and maximise your operational capability.

Our multi-skilled team, many of whom have active military experience, include engineers, technicians, analysts, project managers and systems trainers. All are security cleared, professionally accredited within their field and can operate with the agility and tempo needed to suit military requirements.


Case studies

A whole force approach
Reducing outages on critical communications capabilities.

News & Insight

Tackling Insider Threat

Posted in Our news on 25/01/2023

The risk that trusted insiders (those with authorised physical and IT access within organisations) can carry out intentional or unintentional actions which causes significant financial, reputational, legal, or regulatory harm to an organisation is very real.