About Us

About Us

Our people are high-level academics, ex-military personal and subject matter experts. We work collaboratively to deliver innovative products and services, built upon a unique foundation of practical and evidence-based knowledge.

Our people are our biggest asset, and they reflect the culture and philosophy at CDS DS. Positive, enthusiastic, engaging, professional and with an innate passion to get things right. With many of the people who work for CDS having a military association, those values are inherent and that’s what gives CDS DS such a powerful advantage.

Our fully integrated services and products – from pioneering research to delivery and assurance, based in one place, allows us to supply everything necessary to develop a seamless, world class support solution. Our clients trust us to eliminate their challenges – such as legislation and knowledge gaps, so they can produce a result which goes beyond what they expect to achieve.

Vision and Mission


To deliver world-class services in Training, Communications and Support Engineering.


To be the partner of choice for all organisations in the Defence and Security sector.


Strong and effective collaboration with our customers is borne from our strong collaborative working internally. Whether providing in-country support, operating project teams or designing training, we work best when we work together. This approach, of working together toward sharing knowledge and ideas, has become, and will always be, the cornerstone of our organisation.



Trust is the most valuable business commodity a business can own, and it’s the trust our customers have in our ability to deliver that will ensure our continued growth. But this trust is a value that binds us together too. It’s the trust we have in each other, and the trust we nurture across our teams, that will ultimately drive our success.



In an area like defence and security, it’s important to always be one step ahead. We are an organisation which carefully balances insight with imagination, constantly looking to the future and translating this into tangible customer benefits. It’s this visionary thinking which will make us the partner of choice for customers and employees alike.



Our attention to detail, our determination to solve problems, the way we meet and exceed expectations, these are what make our approach exemplary. However, it’s easy to be excellent when things are going great. The true strength of our exemplary approach comes when we face challenges head on, re-navigate our route and continue to deliver the very best.