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Defence Cyber Resilience Strategy: Expectations on Industry 

The expectations of the UK’s National Security Strategy, the MOD’s Cyber Resilience Strategy and itsCloud Strategic Roadmap recognise the important part that industry and the supply chain plays for national security.

Whether you’re in the public or private sector, your organisation must be prepared to defend against ever growing cyber threats who will only become more capable with the advent of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

The resilience of the defence sector is likely to be defined by its ability to protect capabilities from these highly adaptive and ever-present threats. Understanding, managing and minimising cyber security risk is key. Maintaining a healthy security culture and enabling cyber security skills is essential.

CDS DS provides security cleared expert cyber security services and people with globally recognised certifications and qualifications. 

Your role in
supply chain security

Step 1: Understand and mitigate your security risks: Applicable to all MOD Suppliers

Carry out formal physical and technical security risk assessments in line with the sensitivity and classification of the information and assets you are required to handle, store, process or produce. Read more...


Step 2: Security of MOD Identifiable Information: Required by all MOD Suppliers

All defence suppliers will store, handle and process sensitive MOD Identifiable Information (MII) by default and as defined by the MOD’s Defence Cyber Protection Partnership’s (DCPP) Cyber Security Model (CSM). Read more...

Step 3: Security of O-S Information and Assets: Required by many MOD Suppliers

Many defence suppliers will need to store, handle and process O-S information and assets.  Read more...

Step 4: Security of SECRET (and above) Information and Assets: Required by some MOD suppliers

Organisations required to store, handle, process or produce information or assets classified at SECRET (or above) must gain a Facility Security Clearance (FSC – previously known as List X) which the MOD will initially approve and periodically audit over time. Read more... 


A strategic approach to managing insider threat

It’s important to remember that not all security threats come from outside of your organisation. Around 34% of businesses around the globe are affected by insider threats each year. Recognising the security risks from insiders is critical for the resilience of your business. 

Martin Nash, CDS DS’s Head of Cyber Security & Information Assurance Services, has more than 35 years of security experience with roles across banking, government, civil nuclear and defence. 

Watch Martin present his self-styled strategy to minimise insider threat risk across five pillars:

Expect, Protect, Detect, React, Reflect.


Hear from our cyber security experts helping to enable digital resilience

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CS&IA Consultant

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Junior CS&IA Consultant

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Risk & Governance Practice Lead


A breadth of cyber security capabilities and services

Cyber security is a surprisingly broad profession. Our capabilities offer a range of services to help keep your organisation safe from cyber threats. You need to consider the security risks from people, processes and technology to help assure that your business and your customers are protected and resilient.

Take a look at the video to see and hear more…..