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Our Services

Our expansion builds on our existing  services and we now cover the police and law enforcement sectors.

Law enforcement have publicly declared significant backlogs in the evidential examination of electronic devices, and we’re here to support them to tackle this effectively.

Computer Forensics
Mobile Forensics
Cloud Forensics
Storage media forensics
Expert Witness
Data discovery and recovery

“We are excited to play a vital role in uncovering crucial evidence, solving cybercrimes, securing digital environments, and preserving the integrity of data, contributing significantly to criminal justice, cybersecurity, and the protection of individual rights in today’s technology dependent world. 

Our DFU enables us to maintain the integrity in the chain of evidence for devices, while quickly and efficiently analysing and reporting our findings with accurate results.”

Martin Nash MSc CISSP

Head of CS&IA services


The Team

At CDS Defence & Security, we have a team of highly-qualified specialists, many of whom have a background in law enforcement.

All our specialists hold high levels of security clearance and operate from our certified, security-cleared HQ in Cheltenham, as well as integrating into our customers’ teams and facilities.

Alongside our Digital Forensics Unit, we provide broader specialist expertise in insider threat/risk, cyber security risk and governance and ethical hacking/penetration testing. 

We can also certify organisations under the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus scheme.

Digital Forensics


Introducing our UKAS ISO17025 accredited Digital Forensics Unit!

Our new state-of-the-art digital forensics lab marks a significant expansion of our cyber security services. Led by Martin Nash, Head of CS&IA services, our government approved unit is equipped to uncover crucial evidence, solve cybercrimes and secure digital environments contributing to criminal justice and cybersecurity.

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Future-proof Your Organisation

From computer and mobile forensics, through to expert witness provision; our technologies, people and processes play an integral role in your investigations, supporting legal cases, incident management and incident response.

Our years of digital forensics experience provide the resources necessary for you to prevent future breaches. Supported by our ISO17025 accredited, state-of-the-art digital forensics’ laboratory, we are here to keep your digital secure.

Maintain security and protect against future breaches.