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Penetration Testing

Test and assure your business against cyber-attacks and security threats.

Penetration tests (or Pen Tests as they are commonly known), are an essential part of gaining assurance in your security arrangements and controls.

Many customers expect regular Pen Tests as part of their contractual requirements, but it’s good practice to do them regularly to help ensure your security risks are kept to a minimum and to keep cyber threats at bay.

We can help you to achieve a proportionate, cost-effective approach to Pen Tests not just to demonstrate compliance, but also to get full value by helping to minimise the risk to your digital assets and information. We will work with you to identify and manage vulnerabilities to ensure you keep up with ever evolving cyber and security threats.

Our IT Health Checks extend technical Pen Tests to include assessments of your physical, technical and personnel security arrangements for more complete assurance.

Our IT Health Checks and Pen Tests can provide you with security assurance and help you to mitigate security risk by assessing and/or reviewing:

  • IT infrastructure (internal and external)
  • Web applications and services
  • Mobile applications and devices
  • Network device configurations
  • Server configurations
  • Cloud configurations
  • Endpoint configuration (including mobile devices, laptops, PCs, tablets)
  • Physical security arrangements
  • Personnel security arrangements
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