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Digital Transformation – an empowered digital workforce

The Digital Strategy for Defence recognises the transformative impact of digital technologies in the defence sector and aims to create a connected system, the Defence Digital Backbone, that integrates people, processes, data, and technology.

By leveraging shared and standardised data, this interconnected network enhances operational decision making and brings about significant changes in warfare and defence operations. With a focus on training and developing a skilled workforce, our consultancy supports the UK Ministry of Defence's digital transformation efforts, enabling the defence sector to adapt, compete, and thrive in a digital and competitive environment.



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Plan Digital

Strategy development

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Requirement setting

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Think Digital

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Deliver full analysis

Guide transformation

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Creative digital design

Digital and cyber training products

Digital skills development

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Lead Digital

Coaching support for digital leaders

Design and support cultural change programmes

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Digital Strategy for Defence Purpose

The Digital Strategy for Defence was born from the recognition of the rapid advancements of digital technologies in society, and their transformative impact on the defence sector among many others. With an emphasis on the need for the defence sector to adapt and leverage developing digital technologies to protect national security and prosperity; The Digital strategy aims to create a Digital Backbone which enables ease of access to data across different platforms while addressing increasing cyber security threats and challenges.


Defence Digital Backbone

Warfare is cited by General Sir Nick Carter, Former Chief of the Defence Staff as being enabled at ‘every level by a digital backbone.’

The Digital Backbone refers to an interconnected system that brings together people, processes, data, and technology. It aims to use data effectively to bring about significant changes in warfare and Defence operations.

The strategy emphasises the importance of having shared, compatible, and standardised data and data services that are actively managed and governed. This approach helps achieve transformative advantages in both operational and business settings. The Defence Digital Function plays a key role in delivering this Digital Backbone, with support from partnerships among Defence organisations.

The Defence Digital Backbone is also Central to the Integrated Review - British Army Land Operating Concept and Army Operating Model and focuses on improving operational decision-making through the use of digitised information and digital technologies.


Enabling the digital backbone

People are integral to the development and embodiment of digital transformation within defence. Digitally equipped and trained personnel increase capability, operational effectiveness, outcompete adversaries and drive efficiency.

CDS DS is a supporting organisation of the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) digital transformation efforts. Through establishing the Digital Backbone, the MoD aims to connect sensors, effectors and decision makers across the military and businesses, enabling multi-domain integration, defence and security. CDS DS is delivering this with a focus on training and developing a skilled and agile workforce, promoting a digital culture across the defence sector and establishing a streamlined, secure and up-to-date technology infrastructure.

Achieving digital transformation pan defence requires a workforce with a broad understanding of interoperable systems across domains and their interactions. Overcoming technical challenges requires close collaboration between different stakeholders and a culture of open communication, willingness to share information, and a focus on interoperability as a priority.

Our training consultancy aims to ensure Defence remains adaptable, efficient, and responsive in an increasingly digital and competitive environment.

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