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Army Trainer Capability

Reshaping the Army’s approach to training its trainers.

Redressing the balance

An independent report identified a need for trainers within the Army to achieve formal qualifications. 

Evidence indicates that by developing the skills of those selected to be trainers, the quality of the trainees will also improve, bringing to life the Army’s aim for a positive training culture.

The Army Training Capability (ATC) programme needed to combat this, addressing personal training needs, whilst also developing a more effective capability for the Army.


  • Maximise talent by identifying and selecting those most suited to trainer roles
  • Change the Army's culture from one of delivery to one of learner engagement
  • Increase the quality of learning outcomes



The right people with the right mix of skills

CDS Defence & Security developed a solution routed in learning psychology, putting the student front and centre of the learning process in order to increase the Army’s operational effectiveness.  We did this by accrediting and implementing a new selection process, increasing course demand, and widening the skills gained on the course to include coaching and mentoring.  

Selecting the right people

We accredited and implemented new selection criteria for the course to make sure the Army can identify and select the most appropriate candidates.

Building demand

We designed nationally recognised qualifications by mapping Army Trainer course content to City & Guilds and ILM qualifications. The impact of providing soldiers with these qualifications cannot be underestimated, increasing the motivation to take part and encouraging greater course engagement. And we continue to develop the offer, currently designing a first-rate learning management system that allows students have greater access to course materials and receive live online support.

Mentoring and coaching

Delivered in partnership with Made 2 Measure Mentoring, the new model brings high calibre coaches from the world of international sport and business to deliver training via a blended learning approach. This includes e-learning and e-tutoring, as well as centralised workshops and the option to take further qualifications in coaching and mentoring.

Be the best

The new ATC scheme ensures that all new recruits are trained by professionally qualified trainers, vital coaching and mentoring skills are provided, and trainers are all supported throughout their professional development journey.

Army trainers are now equipped to help recruits achieve the best outcomes from their training and become the best version of themselves that they can be. 

“The Army Trainer Capability accreditation contract with CDS DS and their partner M2M2 has revolutionised the way in which we qualify and reward our trainers."

Maj Jim CromptonArmy’s Staff Leadership School

"You do have a real effect on the students in your classrooms. They will go out and change the lives of young people all over the country in the following 6-9 months."

Matthew Fitton, Warrant Officer Class 2, Instructor and Training WOASLS, Pirbright

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