Managing project risk

Controlling the risk of critical infrastructure redesign.

Moving critical national infrastructure

A key systems integrator (KSI) needed a safety, quality and support systems partner to help it update and redesign a large multi-national communications and IT capability. 

The update and redesign programme will provide greater operational capability and efficiencies for the UK Government and international partners. However, as a single source of information to multiple organisations worldwide, the programme was immensely risky.   CDS Defence and Security (DS) was entrusted to control, and where possible, mitigate these risks to realise the full capability of the system.

Controlling the risks through design and assurance

Taking a ‘systems of systems’ approach, we provided an experienced team to deliver the technical skills, assurance and knowledge to complement the KSI team in managing programme risk. 

Producing and delivering the relevant project artefacts in line with the project programme was essential to successfully achieving project milestones. 


With a thorough understanding of both the customer and the original equipment manufacturers’ perspective, we advised the team on the best way to work through the process and develop the right elements at the right time. This saved time but also avoided costly overspends or project delays.  

Our team was able to adapt to meet surge requirements and support the wider delivery team. This meant that the right resources were in place at every stage of the contract and deadlines met efficiently.  The training team ensured the ideal mix of technical training following each phase of delivery to ensure the end-user has a thorough understanding of the systems and their interoperation.

Improving system understanding

In addition to meeting every deadline, we increased the end-customer’s understanding of the system both during the project and in the follow-on training.  This allowed them to reduce the risks associated with the programme and meet the project milestones.

“CDS DS are supporting SA Group as we lead the development of this important capability and I am pleased to say that their expertise in the safety, quality and ILS areas had made a significant contribution to us meeting the current programme milestones.”

Jeremy Osborne, Director of SA Group

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