British Army Security & Data Protection Awareness

Making learning interactive to improve security and data protection awareness.

Need to grow awareness

In a world with ever-increasing data availability and security threats, the British Army has a growing need to drive increased security and data protection awareness, from Private soldiers to high-ranking Officers. 

User centred approach

Making use of our grounding in behavioural psychology, our approach placed the user at the heart of a two-fold solution. First, we improved the availability of data so that individuals are better able to visualise and understand the risk.  With understanding comes a greater motivation for the individual to raise their awareness.  Next, we sought to utilise that newfound motivation through a library of engaging learning content and awareness-raising communication tools to address the learning needs. 

Understanding the risk

We created a Portal and supporting bite-sized multimedia content to allow for easy access to information regarding data protection and security, and to record data and security breaches.  As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in 2018, we added to the portal to ensure that GDPR guidelines were included.

Increasing engagement 

Reimagining existing materials, we created varied and highly interactive content: From game-based learning and interactive assessments to improve the learning experience, to awareness raising tools, such as posters in digital and print format to increase usability.

Our largely ex-serving team where able to bring their experience to bear in the scenarios and content which considered risks both on regular duty and in an operational environment.  One example of this is a scenario in which viewers interact with the scenario from the soldier’s point of view, highlighting data and security risks.  It is much like the UK driving hazard perception test, but the viewer is also asked to find examples of best practice, as well as hazards.

Step change in security and data protection awareness

By avoiding ‘click next’ training and instead taking real-life scenarios in game-based learning, we have driven a user-centred approach.  Content now replaces some of the ‘click next’ content in the Mandatory Annual Training, hosted on the Army’s web portal, the Army Knowledge Exchange and Defence Learning management system (Defence Learn).

“This project marks a step change in the way we ensure security and data protection awareness across the British Army. CDS DS have not just enabled us to better portray the risk, but also to make online learning engaging and effective, as well as easy to access.”

Maj D Barbara, SO2 Knowledge Exploitation, HQ Land Warfare Centre

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