Safety & Environmental Management

Our team is here to make sure your equipment and systems are safe to operate and environmentally responsible.

We offer independent advice and support to identify, manage and assure throughout the lifecycle. Our approach is strategic, giving you the opportunity to make improvements across the whole of your system of systems.

Our multi-year experience in the military environment and thorough breadth of engineering knowledge means we truly understand the environment in which capability needs to be delivered. We know that the need to remain flexible and adaptable to changing situations is critical and we set our recommendations against this context. Add to this our grounding in behavioural psychology and understanding of human factors, and you can trust in our unique ability to help you implement and embed your Safety & Environmental Management System and grow your Just Culture.


  • Safety Cases
  • Safety Management Plans and Systems
  • Hazard and Operability Study
  • Audits, assessment and advice
  • System Safety Management
  • Functional Safety consultancy
  • System Environmental Management
  • Just Culture Implementation
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