Through life support

We help you to optimise the availability and through life cost of your equipment and systems.

This starts by supporting you in the concept, assessment, demonstration and manufacture phases of the CADMID cycle, and continues through in-service operation to responsible disposal.

We do this with a multidisciplinary team and a collaborative approach. We have specialist system support engineers, technical authors and illustrators working alongside safety and environmental experts and logisticians to offer the complete panoply of support through life. Vital to ensuring your confidence in our recommendations, we are independent and unbiased.

The team has extensive experience in the defence and security sector, with many having served in the UK Armed Forces before joining us. This means they truly understand the context in which your equipment or system needs to operate and the pressure that will be placed upon it.


  • Integrated logistic support
  • Support optimisation
  • Ranging & scaling
  • Obsolescence management
  • Configuration management
  • Availability, reliability, & maintainability
  • Integrated product support (IPS)
  • Performance-based logistics
  • Through life costing
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