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Training & Learning Development Delivery

Training, whether classroom based or online, has the biggest impact when the approach is innovative, the delivery is engaging and the content is relevant.

CDS DS has been authoring content for the defence and security sector for over a decade. Our training consultants are a mixture of ex-military personnel and SMEs with a deep understanding of the operational landscape and the defence sector.

We use modern learning practices, such as learning analytics through xAPI to provide opportunities to track people’s learning journey. These data analytics complete the learning feedback cycle. What resources do your top performers choose to learn from? Where is everyone struggling with a concept or process? These and similar questions are fed back to the training designers to constantly improve the quality and impact of your training programme.


  • Classroom based learning courses
  • Digital learning
  • Professional accreditation
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Culture training

Case studies

GATEKEEPER - A blended approach
Innovative delivery of vital training to enable soldiers to safely transport dangerous goods.
Digitalising academic learning for the British Army
A state-of-the-art digital learning portal.
British Army Security & Data Protection Awareness
Making learning interactive to improve security and data protection awareness.
OUTBREAK - The impact of leadership decisions in a crisis
A research-led scenario which tests decision making in pandemics and global events.
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