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Training & Learning Development Delivery

When it comes to training, whether it's dynamic and personal or through the convenience of online platforms, the key to success lies in innovation, student-centric design, and inspirational engagement.

For over a decade, CDS DS has been at the forefront of crafting cutting-edge content, tailored to the defence and security sector customer. Our team of training consultants blend the best of their seasoned military and academic experiences with a profound understanding of the operational landscape and the intricacies of the defence sector to provide a premium bespoke offer.


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Leadership development.
Coaching. Mentoring.

Three very different disciplines, but all with one common goal – to develop your people. Investing in your people is more than free coffee and foosball tables. It’s about recognising their potential and helping them achieve it, whether they are graduates or senior leaders.

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Leading courses, top qualifications and practical training led by a team of experts. CDS Defence & Security deliver specialist training in telecommunications adding a valued service level to our wide portfolio of capabilities within Training & Learning Development.

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Our partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University enables us to offer an esteemed MSc in Wireless Communications, comprising a post graduate certificate, diploma, and masters module.

We empower organisations to unlock their true potential through cultural transformation using Everything DiSC®. As authorised facilitators, we utilise the DiSC® model in interactive workshops that foster understanding, appreciation of differences and productive interactions.

With our proven track record of success, including partnerships with esteemed institutions and organisations like The NHS Trust, The British Army, and The Royal Navy, we are committed to driving meaningful change and improvement in workplaces nationwide.


We pride ourselves on blending modern learning methodologies, coaching and mentoring skills, and tools like learning analytics through xAPI to illuminate the learning journey. These powerful analytics provide invaluable insights, enabling us to discern what resources top performers gravitate towards and where others might stumble. By continuously refining our training programs based on this feedback loop, we ensure that your training experience is consistently of the highest quality and impact.

Case studies

GATEKEEPER - A blended approach
Innovative delivery of vital training to enable soldiers to safely transport dangerous goods.
Digitalising academic learning for the British Army
A state-of-the-art digital learning portal.
British Army Security & Data Protection Awareness
Making learning interactive to improve security and data protection awareness.
OUTBREAK - The impact of leadership decisions in a crisis
A research-led scenario which tests decision making in pandemics and global events.

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