So, what is Research?

The term ‘Research’ is often misused, to some, conducting an internet search is considered research. However, this is misleading.  Research is the process in which we discover new knowledge via a systematic investigation.  Here at CDS DS we most frequently conduct applied research that tends to drill down to answer and provide a solution to a specific problem of an individual or group.

Our Research Team

Our Research Team is headed up by an expert military psychologist who leads a team of academics that provide groundbreaking research in behavioural psychology. Everything we do at CDS DS is founded in science – which means our customers benefit from evidence, not opinion.


There are two types of Research....

...and CDS Defence & Security is capable of conducting both.

We use experimental research seeks to explore and better understand behaviour via empirical research methods. This type of research focuses on specific questions that contribute to a larger collection of findings that seek to understand a problem. This type of research can provide the foundations for applied research which looks to solve the problems of human experience.

In practice, the CDS DS Research Team build upon previously conducted empirical and applied research (both quantitative and qualitative) to answer a question and find a solution to a problem. This evidence-based approach provides the CDS DS Training Consultants the best opportunity to design and implement training that results in long-term behavioural change.